February 23, 2014


My favorite cookie is from my Christmas collection I make once a year – Cherry Winks. It’s not a cookie I grew up eating as I have no memory of my mother baking cookies. She was not a sweet baker except for her famous Lemon Pie; I am craving one now that it’s popped in my mind. Her expertise was just Southern cooking. There is no better fried chicken and home-made biscuits than my mama’s anywhere! But back to cookies…

When I married Steve and moved to Connecticut, after having lived in Georgia all my life, I discovered all about baking cookies. Every occasion they baked cookies and I soon acquired a box of over-flowing of recipes.

Through the years there has been one cookie that stuck with me, and as I bake less and less, its become my one left to bake at Christmas – for myself; sometimes I share with my daughter:) Nothing better than a cup of coffee and a few Cherry Winks to dunk. Yes I’m a Dunker!

My husband brought home a small cookbook the other night he found in his mother’s basement. He thought I’d enjoy looking through it as it was produced by the Kellogg company; probably one of those send-a-way for type deals. Years ago you saved box tops or UPC’s from the box and they in return would send you a free cookbook of their recipes. I don’t seem to see those offers anymore.

As I flipped through the pages I noticed how smooth and glossy the paper was. I laughed at some of the recipe names like Martha Washington Pie and the side-bar perforated coupons for 7 cents they offered for their Kellogg products. By the way, all the coupons were still intact so that told me my mother in law hadn’t been a coupon clipper!

I wondered if she had baked any of these recipes, but the smooth touch of the pages told me she probably hadn’t. I soon answered my question on one of the last few pages I turned. My eyes quickly caught the title – Cherry Winks – on the top of page 55. I now know from where her recipe came from. The book showed wear and creases of being folded several times – and you know the feel of your cookbook page when you have it too close to your mixing bowl! My personal cookbook, that my daughter has laid claim to, wears all my recipes DNA on them. She says it adds character:) Cherry Wink DNA is definitely all over this page!


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