Just the mention of a bath had my 20 month old granddaughter McKinley plopping down on the floor, pulling shoes and socks off. That was easy! Next was the run to gather up as much as her little arms could carry to the bathroom – what’s a bath without toys!

She’s amazing at how she tries and maneuvers to undress, anxiously waiting to go in the tub. Saying no to a bath is never in her vocabulary – her mother could just spell the word and it’d send her running to the bathroom.

Pop was put in charge of water temperature and decided to make it a bubble bath. She danced around as she watched the bubbles appear under the streaming water – higher and higher.

Pop plunked her in the bath among the mounding bubbles and you now saw the bubbles through her eyes – magical water toys! Her little fingers gently began touching them as she said a new word – bubbles. There were many bubbles in that tub!

And what was her word when I said “it’s time to get out.” A word she tells you with no hesitation – No!

It’s amazing as I watch my grandchildren grow, each and every one with a different personality. As a parent you don’t have the time or wisdom to sometimes enjoy just the simple things, such as a bubble bath.


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